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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #21

Let the records show, I finished this early.  It’s going to be a very busy weekend, but I can’t fail you humble readers! Let’s do this! My Top Five (The Five Best Comics of the Week) Dark Horse Presents #1 writers/artists: Various So yeah, this was really, really rad.  It starts with a pretty good Concrete story, “heads” to a strange Howard Chaykin story, and “leads” to a weird Neal Adams story.  And that’s just the first 25 pages.  AND THERE ARE 80 TOTAL.  The Adams story is, of course, weird cuz’ he’s written it (oy vey.)  There were also … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #20

So based on the math, when I get to #26, we will have been doing this for a year.  How time flies! Avengers #40 from 1967 So this is a pretty straightforward comic.  If you ever want to look for quality, just go with the Roy Thomas and Don Heck run of the Avengers. Namor gets all uppity about some big misunderstanding with the Navy, so he starts (of course) attacking the Earth.  However, Hercules literally keeps throwing him out of the picture.  Then it becomes an entirely separate story about the Cosmic Cube.  Namor finds it and proceeds to … Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews — Stuff I Bought #193

Captain America #616 — Writers: Ed Brubaker, Howard Chaykin, Cullen Bunn, Mike Benson, Frank Tieri, Kyle Higgins & Alec Siegel; Art: Travis Charest, Howard Chaykin, Mike Deodato, Ed McGuinness, Jason Latour, Paul Grist, Paul Azeceta, Pepe Larraz This 70th Anniversary issue offers over 100 pages (I counted 104, plus the covers) for $4.99, so it’s a great deal, especially given that list of creators. Brubaker offers a one-page origin, a 15-page chapter in the regular book’s ongoing saga (involving Bucky/Cap in a Russian gulag), and another 15-page story with Steve Rogers trying to decide whether to don the uniform again … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #17 by Dan!

It’s Sunday folks, so it’s time for more of those reviews you love to read!  Let’s do this! Avengers #100 from 1972 It’s an anniversary issue, and they go with a one-shot story with style.  Everybody on the cover shows up and some others make appearances as well.  It’s a pretty ridiculous issue, with Roy Thomas cramming as many people and backstory and fighting in it as humanly possible.  It was a fun read, with Thomas giving all the characters a distinct voice.  Barry Windsor-Smith draws the hell out of it.  In this story, all the Avengers (current and former) … Continue reading

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The Latest and Mostly Greatest #17 by Dan!

I’m writing these on a Friday, whoa! Stuff on time! Let’s do this! My Top 5 (The 5 Best Comics of the Week) Amazing Spider-Man #655 Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Marcos Martin Yup, I’m on the bandwagon for this issue. It’s been going around the “internets” (as dear Dubya once said) that this is some big special fantastic issue, and holy crap it is.  Look, all you need to know is that Dan Slott really loves writing Spider-Man and Marcos Martin draws the hell out of it.  With the recent death of J. Jonah Jameson’s wife, this is a first … Continue reading

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