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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #344

Ms. Marvel #1 — Writer: G. Willow Wilson;  Art: Takeshi Miyazawa and Adrian Alphona;  Colors: Ian Herring The Mighty Thor #1 — Writer: Jason Aaron;  Art: Russell Dauterman;  Colors: Matthew Wilson Spider-Woman #1 — Writer: Dennis Hopeless;  Pencils/Colors:  Javier Rodriguez;  Inks: Alvaro Lopez Another week, and another seven first issues from Marvel — three of them with strong female leads. Ms. Marvel is one of the most anticipated; it’s consistently one of Marvel’s best-sellers in its trade collections and digital-download forms, which indicates it’s reaching a younger, more modern audience. It’s easy to see why, too — Wilson, who also … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #17 by Dan!

It’s Sunday folks, so it’s time for more of those reviews you love to read!  Let’s do this! Avengers #100 from 1972 It’s an anniversary issue, and they go with a one-shot story with style.  Everybody on the cover shows up and some others make appearances as well.  It’s a pretty ridiculous issue, with Roy Thomas cramming as many people and backstory and fighting in it as humanly possible.  It was a fun read, with Thomas giving all the characters a distinct voice.  Barry Windsor-Smith draws the hell out of it.  In this story, all the Avengers (current and former) … Continue reading

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