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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #282

As with last week, let’s tackle all of the DC issues with lenticular-motion covers first. Remember, if you click on the images here, you’ll be able to see the covers in full motion: which is, believe it or not, a pretty awesome effect, and sometimes a clearer look at the dual scenes than you can get from the covers themselves…. Batman #1 — Story: Ray Fawkes and Scott Snyder;  Writer: Ray Fawkes;  Art: ACO This is a good example of the way the better issues using the Futures End five-years-later gimmick are turning out: a five-years-older Batman, physically deteriorating because … Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #222

Earth 2 #1 — Writer: James Robinson;  Pencils: Nicola Scott; Inks: Trevor Scott Worlds’ Finest #1 — Writer: Paul Levitz;  Pencils: George Perez;  Inks: Scott Koblish These books are inter-related, with Earth 2 best read first; as its name implies, it’s setting up the alternate DC Earth that contains a modern-day version of the Justice Society. The first issue, though, focuses on death instead of birth: it shows a world where the only super-heroes who exist are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman — plus a Supergirl, and a Robin who’s Batman’s daughter. That turns out not to be enough to … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #20

So based on the math, when I get to #26, we will have been doing this for a year.  How time flies! Avengers #40 from 1967 So this is a pretty straightforward comic.  If you ever want to look for quality, just go with the Roy Thomas and Don Heck run of the Avengers. Namor gets all uppity about some big misunderstanding with the Navy, so he starts (of course) attacking the Earth.  However, Hercules literally keeps throwing him out of the picture.  Then it becomes an entirely separate story about the Cosmic Cube.  Namor finds it and proceeds to … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #13 by Dan!

It’s a new year! Do you know what that means?  All these comics are older, and you are too! Let’s do this. Tales to Astonish #60 from 1964 So, I really don’t like the Hulk that much.  I find him a big, boring, punching machine, and it just doesn’t usually work for me.  This issue was no real exception.  Ditko art was very pretty to look at, and what really surprised me was just how much dialogue this Hulk story had.  You’d think it would be more of a grunt-and-punch type of story, but instead it was plot heavy, which … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #12 by Dan!

I’m taking a break from watching whatever the Cardinals are trying to do.  It sure isn’t playing football, but that’s the kind commentary I should save for a different blog.  Now, Comics! Defenders #6 from 1973 The Defenders are a team that has always surprised me.  They look like a poor-man’s Avengers team, consisting of throwaways that aren’t good enough for the main team.  But this title lasted over 150 issues, so do I really have any room to judge them?  It is a completely capable creative team in Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema.  It’s the kind of group that … Continue reading

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