Fresh Eyes on Old Books #17 by Dan!

It’s Sunday folks, so it’s time for more of those reviews you love to read!  Let’s do this!

Avengers #100 from 1972

It’s an anniversary issue, and they go with a one-shot story with style.  Everybody on the cover shows up and some others make appearances as well.  It’s a pretty ridiculous issue, with Roy Thomas cramming as many people and backstory and fighting in it as humanly possible.  It was a fun read, with Thomas giving all the characters a distinct voice.  Barry Windsor-Smith draws the hell out of it.  In this story, all the Avengers (current and former) are summoned to England to help The Black Knight get his sword back from Ares, who stole it and works with the Enchantress.  It’s a bit chaotic, with Thomas trying to cram a moment in for everyone, but it’s also crazy with how much is going on.  It works quite well.  More info can be found HERE

There’s a lot of Avengers books right now.  Secret, New, Adjectiveless, Academy.  It’s not that hard to find an Avengers book, just ask someone at your local comic shop!

Batman #163 from 1964

I knew I was in trouble when Alfred needed to identify himself in the issue, and I had no idea it was him.  It definitely took a while to realize this was an alternate reality story.  Then came the crazy Joker story, which is just that; completely insane.  There was vacuum’s, genies, and tricks. and that was just three pages!  Then based purely on an old nail, Batman figures out exactly where the Joker is hiding.  No, seriously, a centuries old nail.  Then of course, there’s the trial that the cover hints at.  Batman gets found guilty, and breaks out when Robin fakes having Small Pox.  It’s comics like this that I can’t possibly make up.  Ridiculous, yet fun.  More info can be found HERE

Batman is found everywhere.  Especially since there are like 47 bat-books out on the stands.  The best are currently Batman Inc. and Detective Comics.  There’s plenty other stuff for ya, both old and new; ya just gotta look around.

Real Screen Comics #11 from 1947

I’m not gunna lie. The main reason I was intrigued about this comic was because Tito and his Burrito is just so crazy.  It was just as crazy stereotyped as you expected it to be.  Tito is the exact kind of Spanish stereotype that you expect him to be in the 40s.  Broken English, and just horrible scenarios about riding a donkey.  This is what passed for 1940’s humor.  There are several Fox and the Crow stories that are definitely old school humor.  Eskimos!  There are also eskimos, which is just completely bizarre.  It’s a fancy anthology story folks, lots of quick hi-jinks in the style of Looney Tunes, but not quite the same.  More info can be found HERE

Sorry folks, but Real Screen Comics isn’t being published anymore.  I don’t know of any reprints of Tito and his Burrito, or any other type of collection for this.  Oh well.

And that’s it! Enjoy your week, and I’ll be back in two.

“The” Dan Jacka

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