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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #4 by Dan!

Welcome back to the internet’s most exhausted reviews!  If you see the quality dipping I’ll blame it on the school semester, and we’ll see if Phil bans me from ever writing blog posts again.  Let’s do this: My Top Five (The Five Best Comics of the Week) Secret Warriors #19 Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Alessandro Vitti Secret Warriors is quickly becoming one of Marvel’s most fascinating works.  Month in and month out, Hickman delivers great action, drama, and ideas.  This time it’s probably the most powerful in the positioning of the Howling Commandos reunion juxtaposed with the death of many … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #3 by Dan!

After Scott Pilgrim blew my mind this weekend, is there anything 40+ year old comics can do to be better?  I’m not sure, but let’s find out! Justice League of America #19 from 1963 Another team book?  Absolutely.  The 60’s was a time to let the world buy whatever they wanted, but then trick them into getting more!  This issue has a little bit of everything for JLA fans.  We get Snapper Carr, Doctor Destinty and plenty of ridiculous hijinks.  The issue itself was… interesting?  I’m not sure if that’s quite the right word.  Sometimes I honestly had no idea … Continue reading

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Stuff That Wasn’t Very Awesome #2

And we’re back!  This was a lighter week, but don’t worry, I still found some mediocrity in there.  So let’s get to it! Justice League of America #46 Writer: James Robinson Artist: Mark Bagley Justice Society of America #40 Writer: Bill Willingham Artist: Jesus Merino This was rough.  I haven’t really liked anything about the Robinson-Bagley run so far.  It’s been a series of weird narration and what seems like half done Bagley art.  This is no exception.  I really do like Bagley, he’s on time, usually passable to look at, and fairly consistent, but that’s not what we’re getting … Continue reading

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