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Phil’s Reviews — Stuff I Bought #233

Avengers Vs X-Men #12 (of 12) — Writer: Jason Aaron;  Pencils: Adam Kubert;  Inks: John Dell with Mark Morales and Adam Kubert This may not be the best book of the week, but it’s the best seller, and it’s been surprisingly good — partly because the last few Marvel events, especially Fear Itself, lowered expectations considerably. Aaron is a good choice for writer — he doesn’t have some of the stylistic tics in dialogue of a Bendis or a Fraction, so he doesn’t call attention to his writing, and lets the art and action speak for itself, while Kubert holds … Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #231

Love and Rockets: New Stories #5 — Creators: Los Bros Hernandez This is in the Hernandez Brothers’ current format: a new trade each year, for $14.99, with 100 pages of stories: a look at the new generation of characters in Palomar, from Gilbert, while Jaime provides a series of  LA tales involving Vivian and her sister.  There’s no Maggie or Hopey, since their story was concluded in last year’s “The Love Bunglers,” and while what’s here isn’t quite at the level of that issue (no sin, since it was one of the best Hernandez offerings ever, and the best comic … Continue reading

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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #53 by Dan!

Oh man, bet you didn’t expect me to be back this soon, did you? Well here I am, so let’s do this! Mind MGMT #2 Writer/Artist: Matt Kindt This books makes my brain explode. You start with the cover’s hidden words, you read the story inside both covers, that hints at the ideas of the coming issue; you read the issue using the foreshadowing blue lines along the side, then you read the part of the second story that explains a bit more that might come around. THEN you read the letters page that shows more and the fake back … Continue reading

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The Latest and Mostly Greatest #47 by Dan

Oh boy, the Professor and I have agreed that there has been a ton of stuff worth talking about lately and limited internet space to post about it! It’s a good time to be reading comic books folks, so here’s more reviews for ya’! The Shadow #1 Writer: Garth Ennis Artist: Aaron Campbell At times violent, at times dark, and at times funny, this new iteration of the Shadow hits all the style you’d expect from a Garth Ennis comic. However… you don’t quite get the traditional Ennis-isms that have become “the type” that you would expect from him. It’s … Continue reading

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Avengers VS. X-men Launch Party – Tues. April 3, 2012 6 pm – 9 pm

Avengers VS. X-men Launch Party and Sale.
Click Above For Details! Continue reading

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