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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #240

Superior Spider-Man #1 — Writer: Dan Slott; ¬†Art: Ryan Stegman You know how some books have an intriguing concept or creative team on paper, and then in practice turn out to be not so good? Well, thankfully this comic is the opposite: an idea with the potential to be really stupid, but that in execution turns out to be surprisingly effective. I’m assuming that at this date spoilers aren’t necessary to sketch the situation: Otto Octavius, Dr. Octopus, was dying and figured out a way to imprint his brain waves on Peter Parker (and vice versa), in effect switching minds … Continue reading

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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #53 by Dan!

Oh man, bet you didn’t expect me to be back this soon, did you? Well here I am, so let’s do this! Mind MGMT #2 Writer/Artist: Matt Kindt This books makes my brain explode. You start with the cover’s hidden words, you read the story inside both covers, that hints at the ideas of the coming issue; you read the issue using the foreshadowing blue lines along the side, then you read the part of the second story that explains a bit more that might come around. THEN you read the letters page that shows more and the fake back … Continue reading

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