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It Came From the Back Room #27

Standard recap: I’m slowly going through AABC’s one-million-plus back-issue room, restocking the boxes on the sales floor and pulling stuff to sell as discount/overstock/special items. I’m going through the alphabet backwards (don’t ask), and at my speed, this amounts to a two-year project. This week, two titles are featured on the discount racks, one as part of the normal “G” sequence and one as a special. Let’s take that one first: Captain America These actually got put out a few weeks ago, but with the movie finally appearing this is a good time to cover them. They’re on the cover-price … Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews — Stuff I Bought #179

Love and Rockets : New Stories #3 — Creators: Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez The disadvantage of this being a once-a-year, $15 trade, instead of a series of smaller issues, is that it’s easy to miss — I didn’t see it at all Wednesday, and only knew about it because I read one or two online mentions of it. Fortunately, copies are still available, because no serious comics fan should have do without a Hernandez Bros. fix. Gilbert offers two connected stories: one of those Z-grade exploitation movies, like Speak of the Devil,  that he likes to play around with (this one … Continue reading

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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #3 by Dan!

A very nice, very light week arrives at your local comic shop this week, just in time for the schools to be back in session!  Don’t worry, I’ve got an opinion on a fair amount of them.  Also, I’m watching the movie Seven while I write this, so that should lead to an interesting state of mind.  Let’s do this! My Top Five (The Five Best Comics of the Week) Buzzard #3 Writer/Artist: Eric Powell Just a reminder for all of you, Eric Powell is one of (if not The) best writer/artist combinations out in the market today.  If you’re looking for consistently … Continue reading

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