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Phil’s Reviews #231A: DC’s Zero Issues

No, I’m not doing all of the DC #0s for this week; just the six (well, seven) that caught my eye. Props to DC for including a full-page “Who’s Who”-type entry in each book, by the way — that’s a good move, especially if you figure that each of these origin issues will attract some readers who aren’t that familiar with the main title. Anyway… Team Seven #0 — Writer: Justin Jordan;  Pencils: Jesus Merino;  Inks: Norm Rapmund and Rob Hunter This is the one “new” title of the lot, and it suffers for that — DC had a good … Continue reading

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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #40 by Dan!

Busy week, so I’m putting this together nice and quick for you guys.  Let’s do this! PunisherMax #21 Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Steve Dillon Holy Moses. This is the penultimate issue of this title and everything starts to go bang bang bang! Phil and I had a discussion determining how this fit into any kind of continuity and I think I finally put it together. This is acting as the end of everything from the Garth Ennis MAX run. That’s why there’s a random appearance by Barracuda, and that’s why Aaron can get away with killing the S$^% out of … Continue reading

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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #38 by Dan!

Oh boy. Amidst the chaos that is graduation I’m still droppin’ reviews like it’s nobody’s business. Let’s do this! Batwoman #4 Writers: J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman Artist: Williams Don’t get me wrong, I love this book. It is without a doubt the best looking book of the new DC 52. It’s a delight to just look at every single page and analyze what exactly is happening. Williams varies his style by the page, and every one seems like a new invention. However, I really miss Greg Rucka. The story itself is just falling flat with me. It’s … Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #209

Rachel Rising #3 — Writer/Artist: Terry Moore We’re still in “set up the mystery” mode, as the title character, having clawed her way out of a shallow grave, exhibits spooky precog powers and watches bad things happen to other people. There’s some kind of possession thing going on, and it’s all very well staged, and drawn very prettily too. Echo, Moore’s last effort, was remarkably well thought out, so I trust that the eventual explanation here will be a lot of fun, and involve a lot of action. With only four issues so far, readers still have time to get in … Continue reading

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