Silver Age

Fresh Eyes on Old Books #22

Well folks, we’ve survived another Free Comic Book Day.  Did you make it in?  If so, good for you, if not, what did you really have to do that was so much better?  Anyway, I’m still exhausted, but because I love you guys, you’ll still get my post.  Let’s do this! Superboy #54 from 1957 So, Superboy’s suit is made out of some kind of fancy synthetic fiber that protects him from harm, and a scientist gets hold of it and sells it to his friends so they can pull heists whenever they want.  One guy, no joke, robs a … Continue reading

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FF Frenzy Wed.

The NEW FF arrives at All About Books and Comics this Wed. 3/23! Don’t miss the FF Frenzy celebrating the new superstar creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting beginning at 10 am featuring: FF #1 50th Anniversary Parel Variant FF #1 Acuna Variant FF #1 Blank Variant FF #1 Djurdjevic Gatefold Variant (only one available!) FF #1  Djurdjevic Variant FF #1 Goldberg Variant FF #1 Personalized Premiere Variant (personalized to All About Books and Comics, only one available) FF #1 Bonus Premiere Variant( only one available) FF #1 Limited Edition Djurdjevic Cover Prints (Free with any FF purchase) … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #18 by Dan!

Whoa, it’s late on a Sunday and I’m late with the reviews.  How responsible! Let’s do this: Wonder Woman #169 from 1967 So there’s this Crimson Centipede right?  Multitude of arms and legs, so on so forth.  Nineteen sixty-seven was a freaking genius time.  This villain carries guns in his right hands, and stolen money in his left, so what’s not to love?  Add to that the fact that this guy also uses those arms to run super fast.  I can’t make this kind of genius up.  The art is kinda terrible, but in one of those “I’m looking at … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #15 by Dan!

And we’re back!  This week will be a special “dead Marvel characters” week at Fresh Eyes, so let’s see what I picked out.  Oh! Spoilers ahead, don’t forget that. Strange Tales #105 from 1962 There’s nothing quite like a book where all the main good guys and bad guys do is narrate at each other.  “I’m doing this!” “Well, I’m doing this which leads to this!”  If people actually talked like this, I think we’d all be in a much better place, free of sarcasm and snark.  The main story is all about the Human Torch in his huge battle … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes On Old Books #11 by Dan!

It’s a Sunday afternoon, so we all know what that means!  Old-timey comics! Conan The Barbarian #8 from 1971 Oh the Bronze Age… A little less lighthearted than the Silver Age, and nowhere near as gritty as the present.  So we get titles like Conan.  You might remember the Schwarzenneger movie of the same name, but surprise(!)… there was a comic first.  This issue of Conan is exactly what you’d expect it to be, a quest for treasure, an enemy that becomes a friend, and Conan having to run away from someone trying to capture him.  Once you add in … Continue reading

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