Silver Age

1,500 + Marvel Silver Age Just Purchased!

A very affordable group of early Marvel Silver Age was just purchased today! Single digit X-MEN, AVENGERS, DAREDEVIL…just a great assortment of early books! Pre- Superhero books to be featured first! Watch for a new display of TALES TO ASTONISH, STRANGE TALES, and TALES OF SUSPENSE at the store! Many books to be listed on our on-line shop in the coming days. Continue reading

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Ask the Professor #8 — Comic and Recording Sets

This came in from Alexander, who has an email address ending in .de, which I’m assuming stands for Germany: Hi I’m looking for ages for a comic that i was reading once and i cant remember the name or publisher. The comic was printed in german and it came with a tape of the story. The comic was about a kind of a magician who used a triangle on his forehaed to fight monster in a dungeon. Thats all i can remember. Hope u can find something. Thanks. Well, Alexander, the history of comic/recording sets is kind of interesting, so … Continue reading

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Ask the Professor #3 — Skrulls

Mike B. from Phoenix (whom the Professor has known since he was just a wee lad) asks: Phil, you look exactly the same as you did 10 years ago. To what do you attribute your lack of aging? Are you a clone, perhaps? Or, *gasp* a skrull? OK, so that isn’t a question about a storyline, character, artist, or trivia. How about we stick with the skrull theme and you tell us what ever happened to the skrulls the FF turned into cows, and if you think they will in any way be a part of the upcoming skrull invasion … Continue reading

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