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Phil’s Reviews — Stuff I Bought #235

Liberty Annual 2012 — Creators: Various This is the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s annual moneyraising effort; they’re a First Amendment organization whose primary purpose is to defend comic book retailers (and publishers and creators) from legal challenges when some local parent or prosecutor decides that a comic is obscene. To a journalism major like me, that’s a noble goal; they’ve kept a lot of people out of jail (or from losing their stores) just because they sold someone a comic book. As you might expect, a lot of comics creators appreciate their work, too, so these anthologies are always … Continue reading

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The Week in Review by Dan!

The Week in Comics In Review! Click above to read all about it. Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes On Old Books #11 by Dan!

It’s a Sunday afternoon, so we all know what that means!  Old-timey comics! Conan The Barbarian #8 from 1971 Oh the Bronze Age… A little less lighthearted than the Silver Age, and nowhere near as gritty as the present.  So we get titles like Conan.  You might remember the Schwarzenneger movie of the same name, but surprise(!)… there was a comic first.  This issue of Conan is exactly what you’d expect it to be, a quest for treasure, an enemy that becomes a friend, and Conan having to run away from someone trying to capture him.  Once you add in … Continue reading

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