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More About Alan’s Acquisitions

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All About Alan’s Acquisitions

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #36

And we’re back again. I’ve suffered heartbreak this week at the hands of ASU football, and before the Cardinals stomp what’s left of my soul, I’m going to review some comics. Let’s do this! Ghost Rider #10 from 1974 Ghost Rider is just really, really weird. The nice thing about old school Marvel was that they were honest. This issue is completely a fill-in guest starring the Hulk, and they blatantly announce it for everyone to see.  ANYway… There’s a ton of Ghost Rider angst with Johnny Blaze desperately not wanting to be the title of this comic, and it’s … Continue reading

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Fresh Eye on Old Books #14 by Dan!

Here we are back for another round of me judging books that came out before I was born! Whoo! Superman 200 from 1967 So this was an “imaginary story” meaning it has absolutely no consequence on the main Superman mythos.  To say the least, it was a lot of fun.  The bottle city of Kandor is replace by Superman’s home city, Brainiac is a good guy, and Kal-El’s younger brother Knor-El takes over as the new Superman.  However, things go bad when Knor is exposed to kryptonite, and Kal-El has to save him.  Cue to a crazy-random-happenstance where Green Kryptonite … Continue reading

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