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Special X-force Extravaganza!

Don’t miss the special X-force Extravaganza, Wed. Oct. 6th from 10 AM – 8 PM,  in celebration of the release of Uncanny X-force #1, written by Arizona’s own Rick Remender!  One Day Only.  Special Uncanny X-force variants while supplies last including the Personalized Premiere Edition and exclusive Djurdjevic, Liefeld and Crain Variants.  Pick up a free Uncanny X-force, Greg Land, Limited Edition cover print with any Uncanny X-force purchase.  In addition All About is offering 25% off  ALL BACK ISSUE X- titles: Uncanny X-men, X-force, X-men, X-factor etc. and 15% off select X title Trade paperbacks. Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #4 by Dan!

The emmy goes to… Top Chef!  And no one really cares.  Dan talks about old comics… and everyone cares! Batman #126 from 1959. Immediately I want to point out that Hawaii wasn’t a state when this came out, and they have a whole section discussing all 49 states, which is AWESOME.  Also, Robin uses the bat-plane to blast exhaust into a bad guys face just to disable him.  All this happens before Batman and Robin fight the giant Kodiak Bear.  Add in some “native eskimo tongue” and you’ll slowly start to realize how awesome this all is.  And that’s just … Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews — Stuff I Bought #177

Not a very big week for comics, sadly, but let’s see what stood out: Amazing Spider-Man #640 — Writer: Joe Quesada;  Art: Paolo Rivera Give Marvel credit here: they didn’t take the easy way out with this story, by using Peter and Mary Jane’s missed wedding day as an excuse to say “and then everything was changed.” Instead, they’re trying to establish two Spideyverse points: (1) although there was no marriage, everything with the couple pretty much happened as in “real” continuity otherwise, so all your back issues are still good, as long as you squint a little, and (2) … Continue reading

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New Silver and Golden Age Auction Now Under Way 7/21/10

Another 12 Gems on the new Golden and Silver Age Auction now under way!  Check them out at www.AllAboutComics.com under the auction tab. Auction Ends 8/4/10. www.AllAboutComics.com  602-277-0757 Continue reading

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A Fantastic Marvel and DC Silver Age Collection Just Purchased!

An incredible amount of key books have been surfacing lately! In the last two days, we acquired a very nice collection of Marvel and DC books, approximately 1,100 items, all from the Silver Age, circa 1962-1967! From Action Comics to X-Men, there’s a great representation of that era we know and love. The book shown here is an indication of the depth of this collection! We have our work cut out for us in the next couple of weeks, and this great new collection will be on display in the store soon. Key issues from this lot will be featured … Continue reading

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