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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #6 by Dan!

Do you ever just get really sick and tired of reviewing comics?  Cause I don’t! Let’s do this! My Top Five (The Five Best Comics of the Week) Secret Avengers #5 Writer: Ed Brubaker Artists: Michael Lark and David Aja What do you do when your superstar artist takes an issue off?  You bring in two of the sweetest possibly fill-in artists to come and do the job.  Both Aja (Iron Fist) and Lark (Daredevil & Gotham Central) have worked with Brubaker before, and they pick up right where they left off in terms of quality.  An absolutely fascinating back-story … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes On Old Books #1 by Dan!

So here’s my second entry of the week.  In “Fresh Eyes On An Old Book” I’ll take a look at some Silver Age books, let you know what’s going on in ’em, and what I think.  Let’s do this! Sgt. Rock’s Prize Battle Tales #1 from 1964 So I’ve never been a huge fan of army books, but I’m willing to take the dive just to fill you guys in on what you need to know.  This 80 page giant is a serious rarity being the only Sgt. Rock or army book to have an 80 page giant (all the … Continue reading

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Stuff That Was Awesome #1 By Dan!

And here’s the good stuff!  Feel free to leave comments about how much you love my taste! Hellblazer #268 Writer: Peter Milligan Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli Milligan’s run on Hellblazer is literally getting better by the issue.  He’s digging deeper into the psyche of a broken John Constantine, and that’s creating some of the best Vertigo madness in a long time.  Add in Shade the Changing Man (Which post-Ditko became Milligan’s baby) and this is the perfect book for the fans of the weird.  Add in a mutilated and removed thumb, and you’ve got yourself a book of the week. DC … Continue reading

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