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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #34 by Dan!

All right folks, here comes the last round of #2’s hitting the market. The Professor is claiming that he “doesn’t mean” to write 2,000 words about every one of these, but we all know he’s just screwing with me. On to the books! Incredible Hulk #1 Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Marc Silvestri: I’m not a Hulk fan, I’m not a Silvestri fan, and Aaron is hit-or-miss. Here? It’s a miss. There’s nothing to draw me in, nothing fun and it’s not an issue I thought was worth anything at all. Wolverine and the X-men #1 Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Chris … Continue reading

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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #32

All right folks, it’s officially the last week of the DC 52 relaunch. So I swear it’s the last time Phil and I will ramble on about new DC comics (Well, I’ll make that promise. Ya never really know with the Professor). Just like two weeks ago, I’ll give quick sentences about other important stuff, then do the big 13 releases of the week. Let’s do this! Kick-Ass 2 #4 Writer: Mark Millar Artist: John Romita Jr.: Now with more gang-rape! This comic is getting really hardcore really quick. It’s intense! Brilliant #1 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Mark Bagley: … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #30

And we’re back. No seriously folks, I’ve done 30 of these things. How ridiculous is that? Eventually I’ve gotta run out of comics, but not yet. Let’s do this! Batman #240 from 1972 I’m not gunna lie folks, I grabbed this based purely on the cover. It’s hilarious. It turns out that this “head-in-a-jar” story is really a Ra’s and Talia Al Ghul story, which isn’t surprising with Denny O’Neil writing. It’s a trippy sci-fi story that really doesn’t advance any stronger plot, but it’s a fun little one-shot story. In addition there are two back-ups. First, A Robin story. … Continue reading

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Fresh Eye on Old Books #16 by Dan!

Well there’s lots of good stuff here.  Let’s do this! Showcase #32 from 1961 You know, it’s good to go when the editor thinks it’s necessary to explain how Aquaman and Aqualad talk to each other under water.  Oh the 1960s!… This issue is all about Aquaman fighting some giant creature created by a WIZARD From the Past (dun dun dunnnn…) That huge creature begins literally beating up all kinds of different animals throughout the sea (no seriously, he hits a whale shark with a funnel.  The creature is trying to steal gold…yes, that’s literally all the plan is.  It … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes On Old Books #1 by Dan!

So here’s my second entry of the week.  In “Fresh Eyes On An Old Book” I’ll take a look at some Silver Age books, let you know what’s going on in ’em, and what I think.  Let’s do this! Sgt. Rock’s Prize Battle Tales #1 from 1964 So I’ve never been a huge fan of army books, but I’m willing to take the dive just to fill you guys in on what you need to know.  This 80 page giant is a serious rarity being the only Sgt. Rock or army book to have an 80 page giant (all the … Continue reading

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