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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #182

Hellboy/Beasts of Burden #1 (of 1) — Writers: Evan Dorkin with Mike Mignola;  Art: Jill Thompson Alan put this book out as my contribution to the “Pick Hits” wall for the week without even asking, because he knows how much I love Dorkin and Thompson’s spook-chasing critters, and this crossover with Hellboy (with Mignola providing the Big Red Demon’s dialog) doesn’t disappoint: same clever bits, same effective characterization, same refusal to go for the easy cuteness, same wonderful, award-winning art. If you’ve never encountered Beasts of Burden before, this is a great intro, and a perfect Hallowe’en present; if you … Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews — Stuff I Bought #180

Casanova #3 — Writer: Matt Fraction;  Art: Gabriel Ba Even though this is still reprinting previous issues, very few of you saw the originals, so it’s worth getting into now (especially with new stories promised after the repeats finish). Fraction’s in Michael Moorcock/Jerry Cornelius mode here, with time travel, flashy narrative techniques, suave spy stuff and hallucinogenic head games, and Ba’s one of the few artists able to keep up with him and make it all sing. Great stuff, and made even better by Fraction’s essays in each issue — this one, especially, where he gets very personal, practically pays … Continue reading

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Tons of Golden Age DC’s on eBay this Week!

We’ve posted some great stock on eBay this week…with 99% of it mostly late Golden Age Superman family oriented books! We’ll get to some early Silver Age Marvels in the next week or so. The majority of the selection is in the lower condition range…and most are an extra 50% OFF OF GUIDE! We don’t see books from this time period very often, so stock up now while the prices are really low. If you can pick up your buys at the store on Central, forget about that postage fee! Go to the eBay button above to view a selection, … Continue reading

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New Silver and Golden Age Auction Now Under Way 7/21/10

Another 12 Gems on the new Golden and Silver Age Auction now under way!  Check them out at www.AllAboutComics.com under the auction tab. Auction Ends 8/4/10. www.AllAboutComics.com  602-277-0757 Continue reading

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A Fantastic Marvel and DC Silver Age Collection Just Purchased!

An incredible amount of key books have been surfacing lately! In the last two days, we acquired a very nice collection of Marvel and DC books, approximately 1,100 items, all from the Silver Age, circa 1962-1967! From Action Comics to X-Men, there’s a great representation of that era we know and love. The book shown here is an indication of the depth of this collection! We have our work cut out for us in the next couple of weeks, and this great new collection will be on display in the store soon. Key issues from this lot will be featured … Continue reading

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