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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #79 by Dan!

And I’m back! It’s been so very long since you’ve heard from me, but I’m back in action. Let’s do this! Justice League Dark #22 Writer: Jeff Lemire Artist: Mikel Janin Constantine #5 Writer: Ray Fawkes Artist: Renato Guedes I’m starting to think I’m a little burnt out on all the DC events that go down. That’s not to say this one is bad. Things are actually happening and moving right along, but I just kinda don’t care anymore.  The Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark all officially run into each other while trying to deal … Continue reading

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It Came From the Back Room #42

Standard recap: I’m slowly going through AABC’s one-million-plus back-issue room, restocking the boxes on the sales floor and pulling stuff to sell as discount/overstock/special items (these are featured at the discount racks at the west end of the store for a couple of weeks after each post, and then go to the discount racks on the east end of the store for a few weeks, and then disappear into our warehouses, so get them while you can). I’m going through the alphabet backwards (don’t ask), and at my speed (especially with the school semester in full gear), this amounts to … Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews — Stuff I Bought #178

Hellboy — The Storm #3 (of 3) — Writer: Mike Mignola;  Art: Duncan Fegredo Baltimore: The Plague Ships #2 (of 5) — Writers: Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden;  Art: Ben Steinbeck These two books are connected because they’re both from the Mignola studio, and both reflect the very high quality of all of its output. Hellboy, of course, is their franchise character, and this issue offers perfect examples of his stubborn, cranky morality: he’s going to do what his gut tells him is right, and if you give him any crap you’re gonna get punched. Add the accomplished horror art … Continue reading

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