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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #20

So based on the math, when I get to #26, we will have been doing this for a year.  How time flies! Avengers #40 from 1967 So this is a pretty straightforward comic.  If you ever want to look for quality, just go with the Roy Thomas and Don Heck run of the Avengers. Namor gets all uppity about some big misunderstanding with the Navy, so he starts (of course) attacking the Earth.  However, Hercules literally keeps throwing him out of the picture.  Then it becomes an entirely separate story about the Cosmic Cube.  Namor finds it and proceeds to … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #17 by Dan!

It’s Sunday folks, so it’s time for more of those reviews you love to read!  Let’s do this! Avengers #100 from 1972 It’s an anniversary issue, and they go with a one-shot story with style.  Everybody on the cover shows up and some others make appearances as well.  It’s a pretty ridiculous issue, with Roy Thomas cramming as many people and backstory and fighting in it as humanly possible.  It was a fun read, with Thomas giving all the characters a distinct voice.  Barry Windsor-Smith draws the hell out of it.  In this story, all the Avengers (current and former) … Continue reading

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Superman #1, #2, #3 From 1939 For SALE!

Collecting comic books to the true aficionado is a lifetime hobby, but there comes a point in every collector’s life when it’s time to say “so long” to some of your best stuff! Today is one of those days.  For nearly two decades, Marsha and I have owned original copies of Superman #1, #2, and #3 from 1939.  We’ve always viewed these gems as an investment, and these books always have been, but as of today, these books are now up for sale.  This magnificent comic book group of issues #1, #2, and #3 of SUPERMAN from 1939 was purchased from … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #8 by Dan!

Watching football and reading old comics on a Sunday, pleasant to say the least. Doctor Strange #170 from 1968 By this point in the Mighty Marvel Manner, Stan Lee hadn’t been writing nearly as much.  So what you do get is the sweet Roy Thomas work on Dr. Strange, which is completely worth it.  Nightmare is a pretty doofy villain, and honestly he was defeated by being wrapped in a cloak.  That’s not a joke.  But the issue itself was pretty enjoyable.  Artist Dan Adkins was doing his best Ditko impression, and was fairly successful.  What’s best about Strange books … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #6 by Dan!

This Cardinals game is depressing me, and I’m already exhausted, Let’s look at some old stuff! World’s Finest #99 from 1959 I can honestly say this wasn’t what I was expecting.  They manage to cram four different stories into one issue and it kinda seems like the type of story that would be ideal for younger generations.  The first story is all about Batman trying to spend a million dollars, and the wacky hijinks as Superman tries to prevent it.  It was just as goofy as you think it would be, and ends with Batman mocking Robin while Superman laughs … Continue reading

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