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The Latest and Mostly Greatest #48 by Dan!

Hello again! In case you didn’t read Phil’s reviews of the Avengers movie, long story short: He’s right, it’s awesome, go see it already. Batman #9 Writer: Scott Snyder Artist: Greg Capullo This is exactly what a crossover should be. Every story is tied into the main story, and so far every tie-in has been better because of the main story. This is probably the first time I can say that tie-ins actually work with this type of story. Basically,  the Court of Owls is set to destroy Gotham City and all the main people that help keep it going. … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #6 by Dan!

This Cardinals game is depressing me, and I’m already exhausted, Let’s look at some old stuff! World’s Finest #99 from 1959 I can honestly say this wasn’t what I was expecting.  They manage to cram four different stories into one issue and it kinda seems like the type of story that would be ideal for younger generations.  The first story is all about Batman trying to spend a million dollars, and the wacky hijinks as Superman tries to prevent it.  It was just as goofy as you think it would be, and ends with Batman mocking Robin while Superman laughs … Continue reading

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