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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #278

Captain Marvel #6

There weren’t quite as many good comics this week as in the last few months — summer is definitely starting to wind down — but still more than enough to make a decent reading pile. Let’s look… Captain Marvel #6 — Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick;  Art: David Lopez This is the end of the book’s first arc, and it’s been a smart, stylish space story, with Carol helping the population of an oppressed planet against a seemingly-overwhelming military force (this issue’s scenes of an unarmed people protesting against heavily-armored authority figures echoes, quite by chance, recent events out of Missouri), … Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #275

Life With Archie #37

Life With Archie #37 — Writer: Paul Kupperberg;  Pencils: Fernando Ruiz, Pat & Tim Kennedy;  Inks: Bob Smith, Gary Martin Afterlife With Archie #6 — Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa;  Art: Francesco Francavilla If you’d told comics fans a year ago that, in the future, for two weeks in a row, the top books would be… Archie comics, they’d have laughed you out of your local comics shop — and yet here we are: after last week’s “Death of…,” the company follows up this week with two worthy efforts. The first, Life of Archie #37, is the coda to the character’s “death”: Riverdale a year later, … Continue reading

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Batman 75th Anniversary SALE!


Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of BATMAN! Wed. 7/23 10 am – 8 pm 20% off ALL Back Issue Batman Related Comics and ALL Batman Trades Paperbacks and Specialty Products!* *Not valid on Consignment or with any other discount, coupons or bucks. Get a FREE REPRINT of the Original First Appearance of Batman in Detective #27 and FREE Batman Mask while Supplies Last! Meet Batman, Joker and Batgirl! Batman 11am – 2pm Joker 11am – 2pm  and 4pm – 7pm Batgirl 4pm – 7pm Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #271

Saga #20

Let’s try looking at all the non-mainstream-superhero stuff first this week, and then the DC and Marvel offerings: Outcast #1 — Writer: Robert Kirkman;  Art: Paul Azaceta Kirkman’s new monthly comic series got a nice writeup in Tuesday’s USA Today; that’s what originating a number-one cable hit like The Walking Dead will do for you. It’s an Exorcist riff, about a guy who dealt with demonic possession as a kid (him? His mother? Much later, his wife? It’s only the first issue, so the backstory isn’t clear yet), and now, a damaged adult, reluctantly helps others with similar problems. Kirkman’s skill at … Continue reading

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The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #99 by Dan!

the superannuated man 1

So here we are. If some of you haven’t heard, I’m leaving the comic book store for greener “full-time job” pastures (not really that much greener if you ask me. My last day is this Saturday, June 7th, so stop on by to tell me how much you’ve disliked all my reviews all these years!) Barring some aggressive boredom changing my mind, this will be the last edition of the Latest and (Mostly) Greatest. It’s been an interesting process getting used to writing about comics every other week, and I hope that some of you at least slightly enjoyed it. … Continue reading

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