The Latest and (Mostly) Greatest #7 by Dan!

It’s been a long week Ladies and Gentlemen, but comics make everything better!

My Top Five (The Five Best Comics of the Week)

The Boys #47 Writer: Garth Ennis Artist: Russ Braun

Dear god.  Everything between Annie and Hughie comes to a head this issue, and we as readers get a special treat.  Ennis is always at his strongest with character development, and it’s easy to forget that when he uses fart jokes all the time to hide it.  The conversations feel completely accurate and real (except I haven’t heard anyone say “the c-word” that much) and it’s clearly helped by Braun stepping up his artistic game.  I look forward to Robertson coming back and finishing up this series, but this issue may be one of the best, and it’s not even hurt by the fact that he wasn’t involved.  Best character work from Ennis since Preacher.

Deadpool Max #1 Writer: David Lapham Artist: Kyle Baker

Baker cleans up his new style for this series and it’s just strange enough to work.  I know that Deadpool has completely over saturated the market, but this is one book that’s completely worth it.  It’s a MAX book so it’s Deadpool at his most excessive (swearing, nudity, bad puns, all the good stuff) and of course Lapham is just crazy enough to make this work.  Lapham creates a completely insane story involving Hammerhead and a bunch of random easily killable goons.  It’s seriously like watching Smoking Aces; you know it’s just doofy action, but you just can’t stop watching.

S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Dustin Weaver

Speaking of “just crazy enough to work”, here’s SHIELD.
I absolutely love this, but it’s really difficult to follow.  I’m enjoying the Isaac Newton, Nostradamus, ancient history mixed with Marvel history stuff, but the issue every two months really messes me up.  I understand that Weaver is a very solid artist, who probably takes a lot of time to put together what he’s doing, but I almost feel that if this came out monthly it would be MUCH easier to follow.  Still fun stuff, and as always Hickman delivers crazy epic concepts without any regard for what you might think.  Crazy, interesting stuff.

CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2010 Writer/Artist: Various

These annuals are always worth noting for a multitude of reasons.  First off, it goes to a good cause!  So buy it just to support destitute comic people.  Second it has something for just about everyone.  Stories from Darick Robertson, Moon and Ba, Garth Ennis, Geoff Johns and more along with pin ups by Paul Pope, Frank Miller, Amanda Conner and many more.  It’s seriously great just to flip through because it’s a gathering of top talent for a good cause.  A 5-dollar price tag may scare you away but the thing is about 50 pages of goodness, so how can you really complain that much?

Ultimate Comics Thor #1 Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Carlos Pacheco

Hickman makes the list again for something completely different! This issue has pretty much everything you want in a Thor comic, Thor Loki and Balder fighting ice giants, an underlying plot linking to a past event, and BARON ZEMO.  Folks, if you know me well, you know I’m a sucker for Baron Zemo, so that immediately puts me in this comics camp.  As always Pacheco delivers solid art.  Pacheco is the kind of guy who always puts out such consistent work that you don’t even remember he’s doing it, and I swear I mean that as a compliment.  I wish this was an ongoing, but it’s a good start to what could be a fun mini-series.

Stuff Worth Noting (Not the best, but you still should know it came out)

Uncanny X-Force #1 Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Jerome Opena: You might remember this as part of the extravaganza this week.  Worth noting cause it picks up where X-force left off, just with a different cast.  Interesting and okay.

Wolverine #2 Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Renato Guedes: Aaron is pretty hardcore, and Guedes draws the hell out of this.  Very good stuff.

Avengers Academy #5 Writer: Christos Gage Artist: Jorge Molina: Still very good, but it takes a hit without Mike McKone on art.  Overall quality still very good, keep reading before it’s cancelled!

Batman Hidden Treasures Writer: Ron Marz Artist: Bernie Wrightson: Unpublished crazy Wrightson pin up art makes this a must see.  So very pretty…

Chaos War #1 Writers: Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente Artist: Khoi Pham: The next big Marvel mini-event involves the return of Hercules to the Marvel U.  Interesting fun stuff as always; should be a good series just to read and enjoy.

Batman Odyssey #4 Writer/Artist: Neal Adams: It’s just so nice to look at… The plot gets a little better but is still not up to the quality of his own art.  So pretty, but hurting my brain to read.

iZombie #6 Writer: Chris Roberson Artist: Michael Allred: Speaking of comics that are pretty to look at, Michael Allred is a great artist.  The story is still just ok, but the art makes up for it.

Fantastic Four in Ataque Del M.O.D.O.K. Writer: Tom Beland Artist: Juan Doe: Again, the art!  This story is simple and fun, but it’s Doe’s art that makes it all work out.  Very Darwyn Cooke inspired, but taken it’s own direction.

Freedom Fighters #2 Writers: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti Artist: Travis Moore: I feel like I’m the only person who really likes Uncle Sam.  The character is just so ridiculous that I love stuff like this.  Worth looking at if you support America!

Secret Six #26 Writer: Gail Simone Artist: Jim Calafiore: Still quietly one of the best books on the market.  Every issue is just another piece to Simone’s sweet story.  Calafiore provides nice art to look at too.

Sweet Tooth #14 Writer/Artist: Jeff Lemire: Do I need to preach about this again?  Just go buy the trades and catch up! I can wait…

The Weak of the Week (definitely not the best, if ya know what I mean)

Thor: For Asgard #3 (of 6) Writer: Robert Rodi Artist: Simone Bianchi

I don’t like this at all.  I’m sorry guys. I’m trying to find something positive and I just can’t.  I honestly can’t tell you what the story is about because I can’t stand Bianchi and his layouts.  Remember how J.H. Williams III was incredible on Detective Comics?  Imagine if he half-assed and sometimes didn’t draw faces and relied on full page pin-ups instead of actual story pieces. That’s what Bianchi does, and I just can’t stand it.  He killed Astonishing X-men for me, and he’s ruined whatever this mini could have been.  I’m sorry, I tried!

And that’s it folks, stay tuned for more on Sunday!
“The” Dan Jacka

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