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It Came From the Back Room #32

This week, instead of continuing with the letter “F,” (Fantastic Four coming soon!), we’re taking a break to talk about another original art exhibit and spotlight.  Appropriately, it’s an “F” artist, and one of my favorites:  Phil Foglio. Mainstream superhero enthusiasts may not recognize the name, but Foglio’s been around in comics since the ’80s, working the Venn diagram intersection between comics, science fiction, gaming, adventure and humor. Old-time gamers know him for his comic strip What’s New with Phil and Dixie in Dragon magazine in the ’80s, and in Duelist in the ’00s. DC humor fans know him for two … Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews — Stuff I Bought #185

Fables #100 — Writer: Bill Willingham;  Pencils: Mark Buckingham;  Inks: Steve Leialoha and Andrew Pepoy … but wait, there’s more — and rightly so, since the price of this book is $10.00. Still, in addition to the 63-page main story, a huge magical battle with Willingham’s typical closely-plotted strategy and tactics and Buckingham’s lush, imaginative art, there’s: a nine-page short story written by Buckingham and illustrated by Willingham (everyone forgets that he got his start on Elementals as both a scripter and artist) that seeds a major plot development for future issues, 16 pages of various short pieces written by … Continue reading

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