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It Came From the Back Room #16

Standard recap: I’m slowly going through AABC’s one-million-plus back-issue room, restocking the boxes on the sales floor and pulling stuff to sell as discount/overstock/special items. I’m going through the alphabet backwards (don’t ask), and at my speed, this amounts to a two-year project. This week is brought to you by DC, who have the longest-running of all the “J” titles: Justice League of America This series started in 1960 (after a three-issue tryout in DC’s anthology title, The Brave and the Bold). The idea — get all of the company’s big guns into one team-up book — had proven successful with … Continue reading

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Phil’s Reviews — Stuff I Bought #185

Fables #100 — Writer: Bill Willingham;  Pencils: Mark Buckingham;  Inks: Steve Leialoha and Andrew Pepoy … but wait, there’s more — and rightly so, since the price of this book is $10.00. Still, in addition to the 63-page main story, a huge magical battle with Willingham’s typical closely-plotted strategy and tactics and Buckingham’s lush, imaginative art, there’s: a nine-page short story written by Buckingham and illustrated by Willingham (everyone forgets that he got his start on Elementals as both a scripter and artist) that seeds a major plot development for future issues, 16 pages of various short pieces written by … Continue reading

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