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New DC Silver Age Collection! Jimmy Olsen #1-105!

All About Books and Comics just acquired a fantastic Silver Age DC Comics Collection featuring Jimmy Olsen #1 – #105. They have been priced and are out for display. The earlier books are in a glass display case near the Central side of the store, and the rest are up on the south wall, near the back parking lot side of the store. Feel free to send a want list, otherwise come in and peruse these goodies. Seems fitting to have books that meant so much to Alan in his childhood on the day we launch our 30 day countdown … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #33 by Dan!

All right folks, I’m back. I’ve got nothing fancy to say and I don’t want to ramble. I’ll save that for the actual reviews. Let’s do this! Teen Titans #10 from 1967 So here’s my problem with the Teen Titans in a nutshell. This comic has them fighting a bully. Robin gets invited to participate in a motorcycle race in a ghost town (not kidding), but this one guy is a big jerk and tries to ruin the race. It’s essentially Wacky Races, with the bad dude as Snidley Whiplash and everyone else as Penelope Pitstop (how obscure was that … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #24

All right folks, it’s been a long weekend, the X-men movie was rad, and now I’m reading old stuff.  Let’s do this! Hawkman #5 from 1964 So I completely don’t understand the Shadow Thief.  He’s a guy who steals stuff, but is basically like Kitty Pryde, unable to be touched.  But how does he steal things if he’s only a shadow?  It’s logic like this that makes me smarter than the 60s!  Hawkman is using his bow and arrow to try to shoot the Shadow Thief, and this story is all about finding a way to stop the untouchable villain.  … Continue reading

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25% off ONLINE shop!

Have you checked out our online shop lately?  Purchase anything from the shop between now and  Wed. June 8th, at midnight and get 25% off your total order.  Just use PROMO code JUNESPECIAL and pay online with Paypal. Continue reading

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Free Comic Book Day – May 7, 2011

All About is celebrating the 10th Annual Free Comic Book Day in less than a month! FCBD 2011 is Saturday, May 7th from 10 am to 6 pm.  All About will be giving away thousands of FREE comics! Everyone who walks in the door automatically gets 1 FREE comic. If you sign up to be on our email mailing list you can get 3 FREE comics. If you make a purchase on FCBD you can get 5 FREE comics. Last year’s event was such a huge success that we are bringing back our superhero face painter and our superhero caricature … Continue reading

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