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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #40 by Dan

Holy Moses…we’ve done 40 of these! That’s a lot folks. If you’ve read every one, I’m kind of worried about you, but good job! Let’s do this! Sgt. Fury #51 from 1968 Evil Nazis! Now that I have your attention, this is another “Nazis try to kill all the leaders of the Allied forces” that you get from a comic in the 60s… Hey wait-a-minute… didn’t the war end like 20 years before this comic came out? Whatever, anyway! One of the Commandos (the movie star) gets captured by a Nazi (with a conscience) who is trying to save his … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes on Old Books #24

All right folks, it’s been a long weekend, the X-men movie was rad, and now I’m reading old stuff.  Let’s do this! Hawkman #5 from 1964 So I completely don’t understand the Shadow Thief.  He’s a guy who steals stuff, but is basically like Kitty Pryde, unable to be touched.  But how does he steal things if he’s only a shadow?  It’s logic like this that makes me smarter than the 60s!  Hawkman is using his bow and arrow to try to shoot the Shadow Thief, and this story is all about finding a way to stop the untouchable villain.  … Continue reading

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