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Alan Giroux, co-owner and founder of AABC is the heart and soul of All About Books and Comics! Alan is the master of acquiring our massive back issue inventory (over one million comics in stock). With 40 years of comic retailing Alan's expertise in back issue comics is unmatched. Alan handles all eBay sales. Got something to sell? Contact Alan!

Strange Tales #100 and Many More Pre-Superhero Marvels

Out of the new mega Silver Age Marvel collection there is a slew of pre-superhero STRANGE TALES, TALES TO ASTONISH, and TALES OF SUSPENSE. The majority of these books will be featured in one of our display cases at the store by Wednesday, however, we have posted a few here on the online shop. Continue reading

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1,500 + Marvel Silver Age Just Purchased!

A very affordable group of early Marvel Silver Age was just purchased today! Single digit X-MEN, AVENGERS, DAREDEVIL…just a great assortment of early books! Pre- Superhero books to be featured first! Watch for a new display of TALES TO ASTONISH, STRANGE TALES, and TALES OF SUSPENSE at the store! Many books to be listed on our on-line shop in the coming days. Continue reading

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New Golden Age Collection!

GREAT GOLDEN AGE COLLECTION just arrived! Includes 1940’s, 1950’s Tarzans, and 1950’s DC titles, Action, Superman, Adventure, Batman, Brave and Bold, Detective, Superboy, Superman and World’s Finest! We are grading and pricing now. Send your want lists asap! Continue reading

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Hey guys, Thank you one and all for attending this Memorial Day Sale, one of the best we’ve ever had! We moved more than 2,000 comics out of the Discount Comic room, so we finally have room to fill more! Last Monday the late Golden/early Silver Age collection from Virginia arrived at the store. I tell ya’ I’m like a kid in a candy store! The majority of the collection is from the 1952 to 1958 era, with some nice runs of titles like: Dell”s TARZAN, ACTION COMICS, ADVENTURE COMICS, BATMAN, DETECTIVE, SUPERBOY, SUPERMAN, and WORLD’S FINEST! This week’s auction … Continue reading

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Hello Everyone! One of the greatest artist’s known to comic fandom, the inimitable FRANK FRAZETTA, passed away yesterday. The human form was never delineated any better than by Mr. Frazetta’s artistry. Just a stupendous talent. The Professor is going to pull a nice selection of Frazetta work from the back room this week, so expect some form of commemorative display in the store soon. And please keep in mind, the CREEPY #1 from 1964 we recently obtained is still in stock, and it features the LAST full comic book story Mr. Frazetta ever drew. Choice stuff at a reasonable price. … Continue reading

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