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One of the greatest artist’s known to comic fandom, the inimitable FRANK FRAZETTA, passed away yesterday. The human form was never delineated any better than by Mr. Frazetta’s artistry. Just a stupendous talent. The Professor is going to pull a nice selection of Frazetta work from the back room this week, so expect some form of commemorative display in the store soon. And please keep in mind, the CREEPY #1 from 1964 we recently obtained is still in stock, and it features the LAST full comic book story Mr. Frazetta ever drew. Choice stuff at a reasonable price.

Why do the long white boxes of comic books get heavier with each year I get older! I’m starting to slowly replace the “10 for Ten Bucks” boxes, recently moved nearer to the Central side of the store. Added today is a new box of VAMPIRELLA comics, and a new box of overstock X-MEN related comics! Only $1.00 each if ya’ buy 10 at a time! Also, put back in storage this week was the COVER PRICE Star Trek selection, and in its place is now a great selection of cover price NICK FURY comics, covering the entire run from Marvel in the early 1990’s!

Also, our Florida connection… that’s for comic books you guys so keep it legal…has sent another batch of mostly Silver Age DC’s! Lots of SUPERBOY in this selection, but also a few other choice books, like some Quality issues of BLACKHAWK from the late Golden Age! Hopefully, all the books will be priced by Wednesday morning.

Three items from the Florida selection have been chosen for our new auction this week. Such as: SUPERMAN #106, a late Golden Age great, WOW COMICS #34 from 1945, featuring MARY MARVEL, and a super hard to find copy of MYSTERIOUS STORIES #5, from 1955. The auction will also feature: BATMAN #20, from 1944, a beautiful copy of WORLD’S FINEST #27, from 1947, and an incredible rarity, TALES TO ASTONISH #1, from 1959! Get your buns in and check ’em out soon!

Hey, R U ORNG? Let’s support our fabulous Suns sweeping those pesky Spurs! Show us your Suns pride by wearing something orange or purple in the store and we’ll give you 10% off any one item throughout the Western Conference finals! We had someone wearing orange socks in the store the other day! Yeah, it isn’t much of a fashion statement, but he got his 10% off!

And the Deal of the Week? Buy FOUR issues from any boxes on the display floor…this includes the main island and the Silver and Bronze section ONLY, and GET ONE ISSUE FREE of equal or lesser value. So bring in your lists and start hunting, because the boxes are chock full for the summer! Offer good through Tuesday, 5/18.

See ya’ at the shop boys and girls!

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Alan Giroux, co-owner and founder of AABC is the heart and soul of All About Books and Comics! Alan is the master of acquiring our massive back issue inventory (over one million comics in stock). With 40 years of comic retailing Alan's expertise in back issue comics is unmatched. Alan handles all eBay sales. Got something to sell? Contact Alan!
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