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Alan Giroux, co-owner and founder of AABC is the heart and soul of All About Books and Comics! Alan is the master of acquiring our massive back issue inventory (over one million comics in stock). With 40 years of comic retailing Alan's expertise in back issue comics is unmatched. Alan handles all eBay sales. Got something to sell? Contact Alan!

Getting Off My Duff #64

Hey Gang, Marsha “broke down” a couple of display cases this week to add some “new” items, if ya’ call 1960’s Silver Age a new item! The case near the poster rack now houses a beautiful display of mid-1960’s Jack Kirby THOR, most in at least the VF 8.0 range. And the case facing you as you walk in from the Central side now features a gorgeous array of Silver Age AMAZING SPIDERMAN! Please check it out. Speaking of Silver Age, our Florida connection (yeah, comics are like drugs!) has sent us another package of mostly SA DC’s! As you’re … Continue reading

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Thirty one years ago tomorrow I married a wonderful woman named Marsha Greenberg. I know it sounds syrupy, but she has been the love of my adult life. Through trials and tribulations, victories and defeats, she’s always been by my side, and for that I feel beyond fortunate. So I wish to all my single customers, gay and straight, find that special significant other in your life. Without it, there’s infinitely less meaning. Enough of my soapbox. In case you haven’t noticed, that significant other of mine has been stocking the store with some really cool items lately, all themed … Continue reading

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Getting Off My Duff #59

Hello Everyone, We have another light shipment this week, so I figure it’s time to start pushing AABC’s incredible selection of back issues to you once again!  Yeah, I sound like a braggart, but if you’re one of our regular customers, you know how well stocked we are. Just this week alone I acquired a twenty year run of Batman and Detective!  I know some of you may think, “who cares?”, but if you’re a back issue completest, you know we are THE place you come to to fill in those missing issues for your collection!  This is one aspect … Continue reading

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Howdy Everybody! We’ve been doing some early spring cleaning at the shop, and, guess what? I’ve come across another 4,000 or so comic books stashed away in a corner, just waiting to be “bulked” out! And bulked out they will be. The boxes are now in one of the white bins on the west side of the store, with stickers that read, “10 for Ten Bucks!” Yep, they’re a buck a piece if you buy ten comics from the selection. They’re cover price if you don’t buy ten books, but how could you not find 10 copies out of the … Continue reading

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Hello everyone! As you’re well aware of, the store is acquiring some really great stuff lately, and the latest auction ending tomorrow night confirms it. Currently up for bid, we have such Golden Age items as DETECTIVE COMICS, BLACK HOOD, MORE FUN COMICS, and POPEYE #1, a VF 8.0 copy from 1948! In the Silver Age department, there is a copy of TALES OF SUSPENSE #10, SHOWCASE #34, featuring the 1st Silver Age appearance of THE ATOM, FLASH #113…and in nearly 29 years of business, finding ANY Silver Age Flash from #106 to #115 is incredibly hard to do, and … Continue reading

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