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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #446

Daredevil #595 — Writer: Charles Soule;  Art: Stefano Landini;  Colors: Matt Milla She-Hulk #159 — Writer: Mariko Tamaki;  Art: Jahnoy Lindsay;  Colors: Federico Blee and Chris Sotomayor Moon Knight #188 — Writer: Mex Bemis;  Art: Jacen Burrows;  Colors: Mat Lopes Spirits of Vengeance #2 — Writer: Victor Gischler;  Art: David Baldeon;  Colors: Andres Mossa These are what you might call the mainstream Marvels of the week: three starting their legacy renumbering, and the fourth a ’90s revival that, presumably, didn’t reach enough issues in its first incarnation to warrant the higher number now. Daredevil starts an arc with the Kingpin … Continue reading

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