Gene Colan Art Exhibit

Here are the five Colan pages being displayed at the store this week, through Saturday — and at the July 4 sale! — and, no, none of them are being sold….:

This is from Tomb of Dracula #9, page 10; inks by Vince Colletta and words by Marv Wolfman. Evan Dorkin said last week that Colan’s art was like “dreams on paper,” and this is a good example: the hand-drawn panel borders radiating from the center; the use of … is it whiteout?… to indicate fog; the bottom image of Dracula on the ground in the shadows, weak but still dangerous.

This one’s from Howard the Duck #24, page 15: Howard’s walking around New York City at night and has to deal with various street people. Inks by the great Tom Palmer; words by the even-greater Steve Gerber.

From 1969: Daredevil #58, page 7, one issue after Matt told Karen he was Daredevil. I love the Chinese guy reading the paper. Inks by Syd Shores; words by Roy Thomas.

Sub-Mariner #46, page 21, 1972. Battle action! Mike Esposito inking; Gerry Conway writing. Originally in the collection of much-missed former AABC employee Dave Brown, who helped to introduce me to collecting original art. Sorry for the glare; my digital camera skills are a work in progress….

A later TOD page: issue #67, page 10. Inks by Tom Palmer again, and words by Wolfman. My focus skills are a work in progress, too, but check out that upper right panel, an example of Colan’s skill at drawing people.


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  1. Rick says:

    oh wow! Thats awesome. I will down monday to check them out.

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