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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #494

Shuri #1 (of 6?) — Writer: Nnedi Okorafor;  Art: Leonardo Romero;  Colors: Jordie Bellaire The Unstoppable Wasp #1 — Writer: Jeremy Whitley;  Art/Colors: Gurihiru X-Men Black — Mystique #1 (of 1) — Writer: Seanan McGuire;  Art: Marco Failla;  Colors: Jesus Aburtov Shuri is a solo mini-series about the Black Panther’s techno-genius younger sister; Okorafor, the writer,  an American-born daughter to two Nigerian immigrants, has a better background to write realistic, strong African women than most, and Leonardo Romero’s art, in the school of Chris Samnee and David Aja, is attractive and open and meticulous, with every line in place.  Add … Continue reading

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It Came From the Back Room #5

Standard recap: I’m slowly going through AABC’s one-million-plus back-issue room, restocking the boxes on the sales floor and pulling stuff to sell as discount/overstock/special items. I’m going through the alphabet backwards (don’t ask), and at my speed (especially with the school year now in full gear), this amounts to a two-year project. I’ve currently finished the indy “M” books, and have started on the Marvel and DC “M” stuff.  Here are some of the titles I’ve been encountering: Ms. Tree For everyone who thinks that crime comics started with Brian Bendis or Ed Brubaker, here’s a true hard-boiled gem, an undeservedly-overlooked … Continue reading

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