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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #292

Wonder Woman #36 — Writer: Meredith Finch;  Pencils: David Finch;  Inks: Richard Friend;  Colors: Sonia Oback Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #4 — (First Story)  Creator: Gilbert Hernandez;  Colors: John Rauch;  (Second Story)  Writer: Rob Williams;  Art: Tom Lyle;  Colors: Wendy Broome;  (Third Story)  Writer: Nick Kleid;  Art: Dean Haspiel;  Colors: Allen Passalaqua Two Wonder Woman books — the regular comic features the debut of a new husband-and-wife creative team, the Finches. It’s OK, although if you liked the previous version you might not be too thrilled; unlike Azzarello/Chiang’s quirky, angular work, this is decidedly mainstream, and looks a lot … Continue reading

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