Strange Tales #100 and Many More Pre-Superhero Marvels

Out of the new mega Silver Age Marvel collection there is a slew of pre-superhero STRANGE TALES, TALES TO ASTONISH, and TALES OF SUSPENSE. The majority of these books will be featured in one of our display cases at the store by Wednesday, however, we have posted a few here on the online shop. Continue reading

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Stuff That Wasn’t Very Awesome #1 by Dan!

New site, new reviews, new comics, my new blog title and me! What more do you need?  Let’s see how fast I can screw up this new format! Dark Wolverine #87 Writers: Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu Artist: Mierco Pierfederici That’s right, I’m using a picture for this one.  I honestly think this comic was the worst of the week, for a multitude of reasons.  Daken is just floating around flirting his way to the underground in France.  He’s stopping kidnappers (not as cool as Taken) and attempting to seduce them before murder.  Up next is a Franken-Castle crossover that hopes to get better, … Continue reading

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Ask the Professor #25 — Wolverine's Family Tree

Recently, I was made aware that Wolverine has an older brother. Can you provide any details? Sure: The Professor’s willing to take a crack at it, although Logan’s origins have become so convoluted over the years, with all the false memories and take-backs and whatnot, that what’s “real” about Wolvie and his family is kind of hard to know (the Professor remembers back in the Claremont/Byrne era, when Sabertooth was unofficially supposed to be his father, based on their similar healing powers, savagery, and overuse of the nickname “Bub,” but then Marvel apparently decided that was too obvious, and went … Continue reading

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Ask the Professor #22 — Mjolnir? I Hardly KNEW 'Er….

 Hey Professor: Some of the various boards I frequent have discussed Dr. Doom wielding Mjolnir. I can’t recall that ever happening. Did it happen, and if so, what issue did it occur in? Thanks! Back in Fantastic Four #s 536 and 537, part of the “Road to Civil War” issues, something came out of the sky and crashed to earth, leaving a crater; it turned out to be Mjolnir (this, of course, was before Thor came back). Anyway, the passage of the hammer through time/space knocked Doom out of wherever he’d been imprisoned, and he ended up on Earth, racing … Continue reading

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Ask the Professor #15 — Current Marvel and DC Continuity

I’ve been out of comics since 2003 and want to get back in.  What major storylines do I need to catch up on in the Marvel/DC universes? nathan  Whooo… OK, Nathan, but be warned: It’s not one long story, but two, since both companies have been pushing company-wide crossovers for the last few years. Let’s start with DC; in the early 00’s, they realized that the 20th anniversary of their second-most-successful Big Event ever, Crisis on Infinite Earths, was approaching, and wanted to do something special to commemorate it. In 2004, the JLA mini-series Identity Crisis kicked things off with … Continue reading

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