Ask the Professor #22 — Mjolnir? I Hardly KNEW 'Er….

 Hey Professor:
Some of the various boards I frequent have discussed Dr. Doom
wielding Mjolnir. I can’t recall that ever happening. Did it happen, and if
so, what issue did it occur in?

Back in Fantastic Four #s 536 and 537, part of the “Road to Civil War” issues, something came out of the sky and crashed to earth, leaving a crater; it turned out to be Mjolnir (this, of course, was before Thor came back). Anyway, the passage of the hammer through time/space knocked Doom out of wherever he’d been imprisoned, and he ended up on Earth, racing the FF to get to the hammer, presumably so he could use it as a weapon. However, despite FF #537’s cover (which shows Doom raising the hammer triumphantly), in the actual book he can’t come close to lifting the thing, since obviously he’s “unworthy.” He ends up doing a “Bah, Doom does not need this stupid trifle anyway; a pox on it” riff, and walks away; eventually, Don Blake comes and gets it, and we end up with the current Thor series.
So, although Doom tried to wield the hammer, he actually didn’t.
The Professor finds it vaguely disturbing that he was able to write all of the proceeding completely out of his memory….

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