Simpsons Comic Artist At All About Books & Comics!

Meet 5 Time Emmy Winner and Simpsons Comic Artist Phil Ortiz.  Mr. Ortiz will be at All About Books and Comics signing autographs and sketching personalized Simpsonized Caricatures on Sat. Jan. 21, 2012 from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Mr. Ortiz is currently the lead pencil animator for the majority of Simpsons Comics from Bongo Comics and has worked for Bongo since 1993.

He has done character art and concept illustrations for the Disney Store and Hanna Barbera and worked for Disney Publishing.

Mr. Ortiz is a cartoon originator and 5 time Emmy winner and we are honored to have him at All About Books and Comics. He will sign autographs (we’ll have plenty of Simpsons Comics on hand) and do personalized Simpsons sketches for $25.00.

Phil Ortiz designed many Simpsons characters for Creator Matt Groening. Here are a couple of samples of individual sketches of people who have been Simpsonized!

Don’t miss this opportunity! Bring your family and friends Sat. Jan. 21!

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