The One That Got Away

In 1982, I had a chance, a very good chance, to purchase an ACTI0N COMICS #1. Longtime comic book dealer Marty Hay from Northeast Arizona popped into our original store at 3rd Ave and Indian School one afternoon and offered it to me. Asking price? $10,000.00. Marsha and I had about $300.00 left in our bank account after purchasing our store which was then called, “A Little Bookstore,” so a $10,000.00 comic book was completely out of the question. But I wanted that book for myself so badly I could taste it. The grade, if I recall correctly, was in the VG range, a book now valued in the $125,000.00 area. Easily. Sigh. That was THE one that got away. A really good one. My query to you is this.Tell us about the ONE book that you passed up at a super good deal, only to kick yourself later when the book took off in the market like an original share of Microsoft stock. I’ve got some more doozies as a retailer in the market for the last quarter of a century, with one in particular I’ll report on in the next couple of days. Think Wolverine for this yarn! Talk to ya’ soon, and thanks to good friend and customer Phil W. for the blog idea this morning.

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One Response to The One That Got Away

  1. Captaindjkurt says:

    OK, I’m coming into this blog a little late (can you really do that ?).
    When I first read the topic introduced, I thought that it was going to be hard for me. HA! It couldn’t be easier! The one(s) that got away from me was (collective gasp & horrored look) Batman-The Dark Knight Returns! Like Jack Kirby, I like Frank Miller’s writing but I don’t care for his art work & since comics are a visual media, clearly defined, well drawn art (read George Perez, Alex Ross, etc…)is what I need to attract to a book. To me Miller’s art doesn’t offer that (but he’s a far better illustrator than I –I can screw up a stick figure) to me so I passed on the book(s)! What was I thinking?