2 Days Left on 5 FREE Comics Offer!

Hey Everybody, I just wanted to remind you that you have 2 days left to add your comments to the January 8th blog (if you have not done so already) about the first comic that turned you into a comic junkie to qualify for the 5 FREE comics! Deadline is January 20th! See that post for details! Marsha:)

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Marsha Giroux, co-owner and founder of All About Books and Comics handles all communications, mail order and shipping.
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One Response to 2 Days Left on 5 FREE Comics Offer!

  1. Will Jibaja says:

    I’ve knew about comics but I never collected them until I received a gift box from my neighbor, he had sold off his collection but had a bunch of other comics left and he want to give them to me. It was 1984 and I was given a Fantastic Four, a Hero for Hire, and a lot of Ghost Riders. Believe it or not that was got me hooked. Johnny Blaze and a Demon on his tail. It both frightened me for some crazy reason but I loved it. My heart sank as I discovered the series had ended. Then came Bryne’s writing for “The Thing” from the spinner rack, running from 3 candy stores in the neighborhood hoping that my issue was in. The luck of the draw and the thrill of the chase as my trusty GT/Dyno took me from store to store wondering if my issue was coming, if it had it been canceled, finding out if I had missed last month’s issue. No Internet, no ebay, no comic stores, nothing… just a love for ink on newsprint from the squeaky spinner rack.
    Most people would say they miss the old times, I not one of them! I love being able to find my new issues available for purchase in multiple stores, Previews to see when and what’s out. Internet access to hear from the creators and the artists.
    Lastly, places like this blog to share my love for what is said to be a geeky pastime. A pastime that promises another exciting movie in the summer. A pastime that has some of most current television and movie writers go back and forth to the medium. In any bookstore, Manga and Trade Paperbacks of comics are sure to be found. That my friends is the success of a geeky pastime!