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Phil’s Reviews: Stuff I Bought #319

This week offers the last of the DC Convergence titles — which would mean less work for me next week, except that now all the Secret Wars tie-ins are in full bloom. Otherwise, there’s new work by Neil Gaiman, Walt Simonson and Alan Moore, plus a few other books. Let’s see: Convergence #8 — Writers: Jeff King and Scott Lobdell;  Pencils: Stephen Segovia, Carlo Pagulayan, Eduardo Pansica and Ethan Van Sciver;  Inks: Five different guys;  Colors: Peter Steigerwald Convergence: Action Comics #2 (of 2) — Writer: Justin Gray;  Pencils: Claude St-Aubin;  Inks: Sean Parsons;  Colors: Lovern Kindzierski and Hi-Fi Convergence: Detective … Continue reading

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