Phil's Reviews — Stuff I Bought #2

Punisher #43 — Writer: Garth Ennis; Penciller: Lan Medina; Inker: Bill Reinhold Ennis owns the Punisher; the character plays to his strengths, and just about everything he’s done with him (the last two arcs, the Barracuda one and the Afghanistan one, for example) has been dependably nasty, noirish fun. This new story begins as the wives of some of the mob guys/thugs that Castle has killed get together to plot revenge, promising some ironic echoes involving families destroyed by violence. There’s an off-putting line of dialogue from one of the female characters, who’s black, that made me wince — it’s … Continue reading

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Hello AABC world. Starting today, Thursday January 11th, the store will be featuring a nice selection of approximately 5,000 assorted Silver and Bronze Age books recently placed on consignment by a gentleman that is physically in a very bad way. He is in late stages of Parkinson’s disease, and he sure could use everyone’s help in acquiring some extra funds to help pay for the extra health care he now needs. He always loved Silver Age Marvels, so there is a strong representation of Amazing Spiderman, Avengers, Daredevil, Hulk, Iron Man, Sgt Fury, and Thor. There’s a smattering of decent … Continue reading

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That one special comic!

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Thank you and good-bye to Adriana

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Your first comic that turned you into a junkie

OK, I admit I’m one of the oldest dudes in the valley collecting comic books. Put me in a room with 999 current comics and one, just one, Silver Age comic, and I’ll be all over that one SA gem like flies on you know what! It isn’t just one comic book that turned me into a life-long junkie, but a box of ’em. I was approximately four years old (circa 1957…yikes!), visiting my uncle and aunt, bored out of my brains, when they took me to my cousin Melvin’s room to keep me occupied with a large crate of … Continue reading

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