Ask the Professor #23 — DC Silver/Bronze Age Crossovers

   In 1994 there was Zero Hour and the Zero Titles
In 1985 there was
Crisis on Infinite Earths
In the 1970’s there was a storyline
Crisis in Time [?] that crossed over
several titles. I believe that the
Green Lantern cover featuring Hal Jordan
and Alan Scott were part of this storyline [but, can’t be sure].
I want to say that the above storyline appeared immediately before Jack Kirby went to DC and inked the
New Gods, Mister Miracle, and the DNA
My Question – What was the titling of this 70’s series storyline?
And, what were the titles and book numbers
of the books in the series?
Thank you for your help in resolving this gap in my comic book

Hmmm… Nothing definite, but a few guesses:
First, Kirby’s initial Fourth World stuff for DC came out in mid-1970, so any DC crossovers before that would probably have been in the ’60s. However, DC almost never did crossovers in the ’60s — the only one the Professor is aware of is the “Search for Zatanna’s Father” storyline that wound through Hawkman #4, Atom #19, Green Lantern #42, Detective #355, and JLA #51 in 1965 and ’66. No Alan Scott GL, though, and no “Crisis” tag. Green Lantern #40 does have both Hal Jordan and Alan Scott on the cover, and is the origin of the Guardians that eventually led to Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, the story and cover themselves don’t use the word “Crisis,” and it’s not a continued story. None of the other Alan Scott appearances in GL have any crossover or “Crisis” tags, either.
However, there is a DC title that would have featured both Jordan and Scott, and frequently used the “Crisis” term, even in the ’60s and ’70s. That’s JLA, of course, with its annual Earth One/Earth Two teamups. Most of those didn’t involve time, but they were all two (and sometimes three)-part stories, so they’re not a bad match. None use the title “Crisis in Time,” though, but if the Professor had to guess, he’s argue for either 1972’s JLA #100-102, with the Seven Soldiers of Victory on an Earth where the Nazis won WWII, or 1978’s JLA #159-160, where the combined Earth One and Two heroes end up meeting a bunch of DC’s historical characters, including Jonah Hex and the Viking Prince. That one’s titled “Crisis From Yesterday,” so it’s another possibility to throw in the pot.
The Professor would suggest (as he did with the question a few installments ago) that you spend a few hours on the Grand Comic Book Database, at, and see if anything in the cover galleries there might jog your memory, and pinpoint the issues and time frame a little better….

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