30 Day Countdown to 30th Anniversary

Today begins the first day of our 30 day countdown to our 30th Anniversary, on Facebook. Follow us here.  December 1st marks 30 years since we purchased what was then “A Little Book Store”.  Today we start with 2011! Each day we will count a year back until we get to 1981, with little tidbits about the world of comics and/or the store from that year. There will be specials and deals based on the year we are on, so be sure to check Facebook daily! Details about our Dec. 1st, 30th Anniversary Celebration will follow!


About Marsha

Marsha Giroux, co-owner and founder of All About Books and Comics handles all communications, mail order and shipping.
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  1. KEN SCHNEIDER says:

    So for all of us that don’t do Face book on the unsocial media do not get to read the yearly tidbits! Sorry I’m still not signing up. Ken kicking and screaming into the 21st century! Oh! the 70’s were sooooo good!

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