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Hello AABC Universe! A request from one of our customers gave us some real food for thought the other day. Kurt Collins, long time loyal All About customer and friend, suggested that a “guest” blogger on the AABC site might cause some added insight and debate on the AABC Website. We agreed. We all have a different perspective on the comic book hobby, and now you can share yours here with the rest of the universe! Any theme connected to the medium known as comic books will do here; Use your wit, sarcasm, and knowledge about the comic book world in a cohesive and constructive manner, and we’ll make sure it gets posted on our site. Memories of All About Books & Comics, your top 10 comics ever purchased, top echelon or bottom feeder artists or writers you’d like to discuss, it’s all an open forum if you’d like to discuss it. Our only requirement: please do not be overly derogatory, and keep the language clean. We like to be known as the “family friendly” store in the valley. And hey, keep it grammatical! An English professor oversees this (Phil) and a bald guy with a magazine Journalism degree does too (Alan)!  Call me at the shop if you’d like to discuss any ideas…I’m always there Monday through Thursday.  Email your blog to  And as the infamous blurb at the bottom of all the Silver Age DC letter pages used to connote: “We must be doing something…write!”

About Alan

Alan Giroux, co-owner and founder of AABC is the heart and soul of All About Books and Comics! Alan is the master of acquiring our massive back issue inventory (over one million comics in stock). With 28+ years of comic retailing Alan's expertise in back issue comics is unmatched. Got something to sell? Contact Alan!
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