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HULK #181 in Near Mint for TEN bucks!

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2 Days Left on 5 FREE Comics Offer!

Hey Everybody, I just wanted to remind you that you have 2 days left to add your comments to the January 8th blog (if you have not done so already) about the first comic that turned you into a comic junkie to qualify for the 5 FREE comics! Deadline is January 20th! See that post for details! Marsha:) Continue reading

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The One That Got Away

In 1982, I had a chance, a very good chance, to purchase an ACTI0N COMICS #1. Longtime comic book dealer Marty Hay from Northeast Arizona popped into our original store at 3rd Ave and Indian School one afternoon and offered it to me. Asking price? $10,000.00. Marsha and I had about $300.00 left in our bank account after purchasing our store which was then called, “A Little Bookstore,” so a $10,000.00 comic book was completely out of the question. But I wanted that book for myself so badly I could taste it. The grade, if I recall correctly, was in the VG … Continue reading

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Comic book Variants. Love 'em or hate 'em?

Hello everyone! For regular weekly new comic book collectors, the multitude of comic book variant issues is either the passion of many buyers or the bane of many others. This week brings a mega hot variant issue to the market, ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN #104 “white” variant, with a printing ratio of ONE per every 100 regular issues, or the “red” variant, with a ratio of ONE per every 50 regular printings. We’ve had so many requests that that we’re placing both variants on our new AABC auction beginning 1/18/07 to give everyone a chance to obtain these two “legitimate” hot books! … Continue reading

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Hello AABC world. Starting today, Thursday January 11th, the store will be featuring a nice selection of approximately 5,000 assorted Silver and Bronze Age books recently placed on consignment by a gentleman that is physically in a very bad way. He is in late stages of Parkinson’s disease, and he sure could use everyone’s help in acquiring some extra funds to help pay for the extra health care he now needs. He always loved Silver Age Marvels, so there is a strong representation of Amazing Spiderman, Avengers, Daredevil, Hulk, Iron Man, Sgt Fury, and Thor. There’s a smattering of decent … Continue reading

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