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Howard the Duck's Presidential Run

Phil Mateer Waddling into History: Howard the Duck’s Presidential Campaign DC may think they’re trying something new in 2000, by running Lex Luthor for President, but ol’ Lex is hardly the first comics character to do it — or to get media coverage about it in the “real world.” Let’s go back 24 years, when it was a Marvel character who had his webbed foot firmly in the race…. You think the candidates aren’t very special THIS year? Think about 1976, when the options included Gerald Ford, best-known now for (a) pardoning Richard Nixon and (b) his cameo appearance in … Continue reading

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Steve Gerber: 9/20/47 – 2/11/08

Steve Gerber died. Boy, is that hard to type; back in the ’70s, as I went through high school and college, I wanted more than anything to be a comic book writer, and Gerber was the guy I wanted to be. He’d been part of the second wave of comics writers, the first fanzine-makers and readers of the early-’60s Marvel renaissance who’d transitioned into pros, and he brought a literary talent, a grown-up way with words and subject matter that still allowed for superhero fun and sly humor, that made the comics medium’s potential seem endlessly entertaining. For a while, … Continue reading

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Ask The Professor #1: Darcy's Discoveries

John Eaves sent in the following message on Nov. 1 (the old Professor has been swamped with actual professorial duties for the last two weeks, and so apologizes for the delay in answering it): Howdy!! do you remember Darcy, of Darcy’s Discoveries???  If so does she have a store or website or anything like that???  If so please give me a go. I got my first job in Hollywood thanks to her and wanted to drop her a line of thanks. Answer: For newcomers, Darcy’s Discoveries was one of the first comics stores in Phoenix, back in the early 1980s … Continue reading

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