Ask the Professor #20 — "Comics that look like newspapers"

The Professor’s a month behind on these, and now has three stacked up, so let’s start with the earliest, from Sept. 11:

i have comics that look like newspapers and they are in excellent condition
how do i found out what they are worth

“Comics that look like newspapers”? They could be Sunday comics sections — do they have a name of a newspaper, or a date, on them? Is it as big as a newspaper, and does it fold out? (There’s a thing called Wham-O Giant Comics that did that, too, that the Professor vaguely remembers having Wally Wood art in it….)  Is it more like a comic book without a cover? Is there a title or date, or price? Get back to The Professor with more data, and he’ll see what he can do — and (kind of) promises not to make you wait a month for the next answer.

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With 40 years of experience in comic reading, collecting and reviewing, English Professor Phil Mateer has an encyclopedic mind for comics. Feel free to ask Phil about storylines, characters, artists or for that matter, any comic book trivia. He will post your questions and answers on the AABC blog. His knowledge is unparalleled! He is also our warehouse manager, so if you are looking for that hard to find comic book, ask Phil!
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